Art of Sharvari Shah on Tumblr

So I am still new to TUMBLR but I find it to be a much bigger platform to showcase your daily doodles and animated GIFs and my new found for Knitting!
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Art of Sharvari Shah

Welcome to my blog, a platform that allows me to showcase the best of my creations over the academic as well as professional world.
Following is my demo reel for 2013. Enjoy!

The following video showcases my learning in classical animation through various assignments and two final films while studying at Vancouver Film School. The shots are taken from my Classical Animated Film, "Tied Up" and Flash Animated Film, "Hunger Pangs".

The music is by Ustad Fazal Qureshi, titled 'Almost Seven'..

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Art for the Dog

Last year I lost my little brat, a basset hound called Smokey. Here is some of my artwork dedicated to him.

Smokey, Illustrated

'Hunger Pangs' is a Flash film that was completely done in 3 weeks at the Vancouver Film School's classical animation program. 'Hunger Pangs' is a one shot gag about a dog day dreaming about food and how he manages to feed his hunger.
Animation, Direction, Sound design by Sharvari Shah
Softwares used: Photoshop and Flash

Friends and Family Illustrated

Sibling Love, Illustration
Ex-Boss, Illustration
New job for a friend, Illustration
Faculty at Srishti, Illustration

Digital Portraits

Since 2011 I started creating Illustrated prints and gifts for friends and family. Here are few of my favorite.

Magnet- Wedding Gift, Illustration
Love Birds, Illustration